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Our Mission
To empower individuals by giving them discipline-specific knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace and create immediate monetary gain.

What does this mean?
While other students are attending college over a 2-year, 4-year or even 8-year period, we teach you the knowledge and skills in just one year that will have you entering the workplace at $50,000 per year. And unlike other technical trade colleges where your earning capacity is often capped, the sky is the limit for people in the SEO and Internet Marketing industry. (See the national pay grade for people in the industry here).

Why do we pursue education?
There may be many reasons, but at the heart of most people’s decision, is this: We learn so that we can earn.

Many skills, however, are such that you do not need to spend two years of your life pursuing a general education. Some skills are in demand right now, and will never go away. This is especially true of internet-specific skills, such as Programming, SEO and Internet Marketing.

Our Courses

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We only accept 30 new students each month. Click here to read about the requirements for acceptance into one of our programs.

All our courses are backed by a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. Click here to learn more about the guarantee.

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