Linkedin Certification

Become Linkedin Certified in only 4 hours! In just 4 hours you can be Linkedin Certified and begin seeing success with your Linkedin Profile. The Linkedin Certification allows you to learn, test and prove your Linkedin expertise, skills and become certified.

Price: $995

What will I learn?

  • How to manage your Linkedin Profile
  • What marketing can be done on Linkedin
  • How to successfully build you Linked in Profile
  • How to measure your Linkedin Success
  • Getting Started is Easy

    1. – Fill out the registration From Below
    2. – Learn Linkedin Marketing from our step by step training videos
    3. – When ready, take the Linkedin Certification Test (75% or higher to pass)
    4. – Save and print your digital certificate and post the certification badge on your site for the world to see

    (applications available soon)