Michael Eagar Internet Entrepreneur & Educator

Eagar University
CEO/Founder (2008-Current) of Eagar University. Eager U specializes in certification courses that teach needed skills, which, in turn, provide students with a much faster path to income than through traditional education. Eagar University is committed to the success of every student and does not give up until every student is successful in achieving their dream. Eager U has certified hundreds of people, including top executives at search engine optimization firms.

COO & Director (2008-2011) of OrangeSoda a company that helps locally focused businesses succeed online. Michael climbed the ranks in the company in just three years to the COO position and was responsible for overseeing over 6200 SEO clients and campaigns. Not only did he oversee the logistical side of operations, but he was also intimately involved in improving clients SEO campaigns and training employees performing the SEO for their clients.

My Princess Pearls
CEO (2006) of My Princess Pearls a company that is dedicated to changing lives by importing and selling pearl jewelry and providing for disadvantaged families from Southeast Asia.

Young Entrepreneurs
CEO (2006) – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young men and women realize their dreams through the path of entrepreneurship. Discovering talents at an early age creates a greater ability to navigate the world of opportunities and chose the paths that are most rewarding. Execution is an often underestimated activity that many young entrepreneurs have difficulty understanding. Michael teaches his students that in order to learn entrepreneurship you need to do entrepreneurship

CEO (2006) of US Family Tree a company that focuses on performing descendancy research specializing in the 1800s and early 1900s migration throughout the United States. US Family Tree offers services that connect family surnames with other family with the same surnames.

Utah Labs
CEO/Founder (2005) of Utah Labs a company that focuses on Developing Online Businesses and Internet Projects. No business can succeed with just one person; it requires the services, participation and resources of many individuals. Utah Labs develops tools and resources to help others succeed and compete in the online business environment. Utah Labs now invests in other Internet startups.

As a Consultant:
Michael Eagar is an Internet Business Consultant who specializes in improving internet business for online companies and company websites. Michael has analyzed data from 1,000s of websites and has personally spent 1,000s of hours of hands-on work for websites of all kinds. From large e-commerce websites, to community portals, to pre-revenue sites, Michael has improved company systems and processes, setup analytics and reporting, and created campaigns that make websites successful.

Michael’s areas of expertise include:

• Business/Market Opportunity Analysis
• Business Model Analysis
• Facebook Marketing & Best Use Practices
• LinkedIn Marketing & Best Use Practices
• Twitter Marketing & Best Use Practices
• Online Competition Analysis
• Online Reputation Analysis
• Online Search & Social Reputation Analysis
• Website Strategy Analysis
• Website Branding/Messaging Analysis
• Website Goals Analysis
• Reaching Website Goals Analysis
• Reaching Specific Website Goals Analysis
• Website Usability Analysis
• Website Structure Analysis
• Website Search & Social Structure Analysis
• Website Content Strategy Analysis
• Website Search & Social Content Strategy Analysis
• Overall Marketing Strategy Analysis
• Search & Social Strategy Analysis
• Website Data Setup/Organization Analysis
• Website Data Management Analysis
• Website Data Reporting & Usefulness Analysis
• And more…