Search Engine Optimization Training

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process intended to boost the visibility of a website through natural-occurring search engine results. Search engine optimization training is intended to help websites rank higher and occur more frequently on search result pages.

Customers searching for specific services are inclined to select businesses who are listed earlier on search engines, or those that occur frequently. Companies interested in using the Internet as a marketing tool must inevitably learn principles of SEO in order to succeed.

Who needs Search Engine Optimization Training?

We’ve mentioned the value of SEO optimization training to companies that are interested in using the Internet to its full marketing potential. But search engine optimization training can also benefit:

  • Students or graduates interested in a career in search engine optimization or intent on starting their own business, one where SEO will be crucial
  • Web designers or advertising execs desiring to pass the value of SEO on to their own company or to the company’s clients
  • A work-at-home freelancer seeking additional at-home work opportunities
  • Search engine optimizers (SEOs) or search engine marketers (SEMs) wanting to improve their skills.

Where do I Go for SEO Training?

There are many programs and organizations out there offering search engine optimization training, but none that offer the expertise and success of Eagar U. At Eagar U, we provide training in the practices and online strategies that have propelled some of the fastest-growing companies in the Internet marketing industry. These tools and strategies have effectively optimized organic search engine results for hundreds of websites.

Eagar University’s Online SEO Training Tutorials

At Eagar U, we emphasize four key areas of search engine optimization:

Keywords. Every successful SEO campaign begins with a set of compelling keywords, or keyword phrases, geared to capture high-quality searches.

Keyword Location. You can have optimal keywords for your business, but do you know the “power positions” where those keywords will definitely capture the search engines’ attention?

Linking Strategies. Just like keyword location, keyword linking is also important. Learn the strategies utilized by the industry’s leading experts.

Planning. Both keywords and links need to be coordinated in a unified SEO approach.

Get Search Engine Optimization Certified with Eagar U

Eagar University’s mission is to increase your knowledge of Internet marketing through our search engine optimization training. Companies are eager to hire candidates who have been certified through our SEO training class. Place more employment opportunities within your reach by taking our online SEO course. Seats are limited, so apply today.